Programs in Zalakaros

Zalakaros is situated a few kilometres from Kis-Balaton. The quiet and peaceful little town is full of life from the spring and the local tourist board takes care to offer different programs for the visitors. Enjoy the fresh air and the piece of the countryside, have a look at the special plants in the little centre arboretum or try the varied gastronomic offer of the region. The typical dishes of the region suit best a local wine whether from a little cellar of Zalakaros or one of the best known winery of Zala. Does not matter if it is winter or summer, the little town has a special atmosphere and a lot to offer! Come and discover it from the Karos Spa!

A little taste of the programs in Zalakaros:

During the event guests will be welcomed at craftsmen's fairs and wine houses at the Gyógyfürdő Square! Admission is free!

Sightseeing with Dotto- more times a week in case of dry weather:

Come and join! The small train leaves just front of our hotel and make a round in the pretty little town with hop on hop off possibility.

"On the Way of the Senses" at Zalakaros:

Zalakaros organized a 2-3 hour interactive city tour for the city's Six Senses program. For the "Path of the Senses" adventure tour, our guests will receive a travel booklet at the Tourinform office, where they will get to know the sights of Zalakaros in a playful way, including the senses, through various stations and quiz questions. The booklet contains extra information and tips, with bonuses and surprises to make your stay even more memorable. Its purpose is to help slow down a little in our busy world and offer an alternative to spending quality time.

Segway tour in Zalakaros:

What a special vehicle! You can even get those parts of Zalakaros known where even the locals rarely go. During the guided tour the leader takes you on the hilly streets, parks and vineyards or Zalakaros. Beautiful panorama is guaranteed.

Nordic Walking tours:

An exciting sport activity with a special device, a pair of Nordic Walking sticks. The purpose is to do sport while discovering the beauty of the nature.

Sightseeing by bike:

Our program counter gladly helps planning the bike routes in the area. You can even rent a bike for your tour in the hotel.

City walk in Zalakaros:

Colourful flowers everywhere along the streets, which was praised already twice by the title of the most floral town of Hungary. In the arboretum you can see special plants. Should you take a longer walking tour you can follow the signs which marks the different routes.

Granit Thermal and Adventure Bath: The family bath of Region Balaton:

The city bath has been waiting the guests already for 45 years now already with ca. 25 pools. The units of the indoor bath, the thermal centrum and the adventure bath offer their facilities all year round. From May to September there is the lido on 10 acres with several adventure pools and a slide park. As the newest facility a special children’ adventure world has been established with in- and outdoor section which amuses the smallest ones.

Open air cinema (subject to actual weather):

Open from middle of June until end of August almost every day. The weekly repertoire is available in our hotel, too.

Lookout tower of Zalakaros:

It is a lovely scene which opens up from above; at clear weather Kis-Balaton and the famous hills of Lake Balaton can be seen. At the feet of the folk style built tower a wine tavern runs which offers regional specialities.

Thermal lake and eco-beach:

From the area of ​​the Granite Spa 600-1000 m3 of water flows daily to the Banyavölgyi creek and finally to lake Kis-Balaton. From this flowing thermal water the Zalakaros Thermal Lake was created. The first stop of the guests arriving at the thermal lake is the specially designed reception building. Its most exciting point is the fifteen-meter-high observation tower belonging to the building, with its magnificent panorama. Next to the reception building is the 'sound pavilion', where sound generators of different heights can be used to learn about changes in sounds and their vibration length. The braver ones can try the science of walking on the water with the help of a water toddler on a thermal lake. There is a bridge connecting the two shores of the lake with an island in the middle. There is also a floating fountain on the lake. There are wooden columns of different sizes on four sides of the meditation space of the lights, always shining in one of the gaps in the sun so that the layout reveals the effect of the Earth's rotation. The trail leads through a tree-lined footpath between the trees on the forest side of the lake, with plants showing signs. On the lakeside playground there is a sandpit, a saucer swing, a carousel, a climbing chalet and a wooden house, with small brook winds. There is also an outdoor fitness park. Each machine comes with a manual and what part of the body is affected by the movement.

For further information please ask our colleagues at the program counter personally or on the following contact details:


Phone: +36 93 542 519