Unique spa world of the Karos Spa
...where relaxation is experience!

Spending your family holiday at us, taking part in a conference or have you just surprised your partner with a wellness weekend? For sure you will not be leaving without trying the largest hotel spa world of the region

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Our pools

Our wellness department awaits you with ca. 1 000 m2 water surface, where you can choose between 5 indoor and 2 outdoor pools. For active time out you can swim in the outdoor or in the indoor sport pool, for refreshing moments dive in one of the adventure pools and enjoy the several massage elements, for relaxation there are the bubbles of the Jacuzzi to charge your batteries.

Pools are available only for hotel guests every day between 7.00 a.m. until 08.00 p.m. (in summer until 9 p.m.).

Parameters of the pools:

Indoor swimming pool 29 oC 120 cm
Indoor adventure pool 33 oC 80-120 cm
Indoor Jacuzzi 34 oC 90 cm
Indoor children's pool 33 oC 40-60 cm
Indoor thermal pool 37 oC 90 cm
Outdoor swimming pool* 27-28 oC 120 cm
Outdoor adventure pool** 32-33 oC 40-120 cm
  • * Outdoor pools are seasonal open.

Our indoor pools will be maintanced: water change & yearly renovation. So the pools below will be out of order on the following dates:

  • Indoor swimming pool: from 10th until 14th June 2019
  • Indoor adventure pool: from 17th until 21th June 2019

Spa Sauna … refreshment at the world of the salt bricks

Our sauna world is the relaxing area not just for resting needs but for complains in case of allergy or asthma. The natural healing method of the salt can ease or even stop the symptoms.

Using sauna has a beneficent effect on the human organism, as it brings our blood circulation into training, strengthen the immune system and help preventing illnesses. Not to mention the effect on the balance of our body and soul! Sweating is an automatic detoxifying process of the human body when toxins leave our organism- and sauna assist to intensify this process.

In our sauna park everyone can find which fits ones the best:

  • Finn saunas (80 - 90 oC)
  • Profi sauna - classic sauna for professionals without clothes (90 - 100 oC)
  • Bio sauna - based on light therapy, with positive effect on the stimuli of the human brain (50 - 55 oC)
  • Infra sauna - its raids get into the deep layers of the skin, its effect is virus and bacterium killing (60 - 70oC)
  • Steam room - special kind of sauna with 90 - 100 % high humidity (50 - 55 oC)
  • Ice cave - (4 oC)

The different saunas séances are the most popular among the other hotel programs. This is a ceremony which is held in the Finnish or in the bio sauna by our professional sauna masters. It aims to give extra heat for the organism which deepens the sweat and gives a pleasant feeling. With the use of different materials like honey, salt or even ice the effect of the sauna can be even better- 20% more toxins might leave the organism. The sauna master supervises the sauna ceremony, as well as helps and gives information about the right way of using the sauna and its positive effects.

Enjoy the sauna specialities of the Karos Spa!

Have you got any questions? Do you need any further information? The colleagues at the Harmony Spa Wellness are at your service on the following contact details:

+36 93 542 570

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