Excursions Tips

Wine tastings in the wine cellars of Zalakaros and the surrounding area:

The local wine keepers welcome you with quality red and white wines grown on the downhills of Zala.

Excursion to Kis-Balaton:

During your excursions you can visit Small Balaton, which is part of the Upper Balaton National Park. The trip also includes a visit to the Small Balaton Memorial Cottage in Zalavár and you will also have an opportunity to admire the birds of Kányavári Island. Developments were completed on the island recently with a four-level viewing tower, from which there is an excellent view on Hídvégi Lake. The area has been made accessible, a bike store was built and a new children’s playground was also established for the comfort of the guests.

Excursion to the petting zoo and wrangler show at Fenyvespuszta:

Why is it worth visiting Fenyvespuszta? This is a place where Hungarian bravado can be found spiced with the traditions of the wranglers and some lanceman romantic.

There are more programs to choose from: Driving a carriage of five, horse show of the lancemen, whip parade, folklore games and competitions, tasting palinka or wine and bread spread with Mangalitsa pig fat, pony riding. At the petting zoo children can meet with buffalos, goats, sheep, horses, ponies, donkeys, rabbits, pigs, cats, dogs, hens and other animals.

Excursion to Buffalo Reserve of Kápolnapuszta:

Half a day excursion to Small Balaton and the Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta, with one of Hungary’s largest unique buffalo stocks. After the reserve the excursion continues to Small Balaton, the main attraction of which is its rich avifauna and miraculous nature.

Canoeing on the River Zala (seasonal)

It could be a perfect programme for those seeking active recreation. The River Zala is one of the most beautiful and variable rivers of Dunántúl, on which we offer a half-day tour. We recommend it to both beginners and experienced canoeists as you can overcome the hurdles in 4-man boats and naturally you will be accompanied by a qualified tour guide. You should try it if you wish to admire the wonders of the Zala landscape.

Lake Balaton by the bus and ferry:

The largest lake of Central Europe offers amazing scenes, beautiful panoramas and great wines. On the north shore you can visit the typical basalt mountains, ruins of castles or the famous Tihany Abbey. There are several cruise ships on the Lake for longer or shorter pleasure boating or you can choose the ferry for example between Fonyód and Badacsony.

Adventure Park of the Seven Leader:

Next to Zalakaros in Garabonc you can find a farm of the XXI. century. Hens, pigs, rabbits, cows, sheep, goats and horses await the visitors.

At the adventure park you can try archery or have a look at the ancient Hungarian “jurta” camp. As part of the program cheese making can be acquainted with.

Discovering Keszthely and Heviz:

Walking in the baroque town Keszthely there are several sightseeing to discover like the Festetics Castle with its amazing castle park and the Carriage Museum. The main square is overpeered by the Great Church, the mall leads straight to the shore of Lake Balaton. Have you ever been to a Marzipan or a Puppet Museum? In Keszthely it is also possible.
Having a chillier day? Why not to dive into Lake Heviz, the largest thermal lake of the world and part of the UNESCO World Heritage! Enjoy the strength of the healing water and the atmosphere of the holiday resort with its cafés, restaurants, wine cellars and high quality shops.

Knight Plays in Sümeg Castle and a historical dinner to follow:

Back to the past! Just as in a tale- fortress of the middle age, knights on horseback, jousting- exciting programs in authentic costumes. After the joust take part in a medieval feast with oven grilled goose leg, whole piece potato and cabbage salad. Be prepared- no cutlery, just use your fingers as the medieval people did!

For further information please ask our colleagues at the program counter personally or on the following contact details:

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