Conference rooms of Hotel Karos Spa:

The conference rooms of Karos Spa are established on the ground floor of the hotel in a separate wing, as an ideal venue for events with very easy movement of larger groups.
The front hall of the conference rooms and the main hall of the hotel are also ideal for exhibitions, product shows and, naturally, can also host coffee breaks. If requested, the conference bar in the front hall will also serve the guests.

Conference and section rooms

Hotel Karos Spa is an ideal venue for small and large corporate events: conferences, meetings and team building training courses. 
Our wellness hotel, with its divisible Gála conference room, section rooms and special room is the largest-capacity conference hotel in the area where participants have a great choice of recreation, rest or entertainment after the long full-day events.

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Gala I-II. conference room

The Karos Spa conference room has in total 290 m2 floor space and may be separated with a mobile wall (Gála I. and Gála II.) thus dividing the huge space. Depending on the number of guests at the event, the size of the room may vary. The rooms can hold 280 people and each of them have parquet floor.
The bar of the conference rooms, the conference front hall and the separate terrace provide a perfect relaxing atmosphere in the breaks of the events.

 Gála I. és II.Gála I.Gála II.
Ground space 290 m2 200 m2 90 m2
Average inner height 3,1 m
Floor parquetted
Internet connection yes
Natural lighting yes
Air conditioning yes
Arrangement Capacity
Theatre 280 pax 200 pax 80 pax
School desks 200 pax 150 pax 50 pax
Workshop 140 pax 100 pax 40 pax
U-Shape 100 pax 70 pax 30 pax

Starking, Golden section rooms and the meeting room

The section rooms and the meeting room are suitable for smaller meetings and get together. They have fitted carpet and can seat 20-40 persons.

Parameters of the section rooms:

StarkingGoldenMeeting room*
Ground space 48 m2 45 m2 30 m2
Floor fitted carpet
Average inner height 3,1 m
Internet connecting yes no
Natural lighting no yes
Air conditioning yes no
Arrangement Capacity
Theatre 40 pax 40 pax 20 pax
School desks 25 pax 25 pax 15 pax
Workshop 15 pax 15 pax 10 pax
U-Shape 15 pax 15 pax 10 pax

If you wish to receive an offer or information, please contact or corporate sales manager who will be happy to be at your disposal on one of the following contact details:

Krisztina Egri
+36 93 542 562