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… island of relaxation

Fancy some indulgence, a special wellness treatment or simply some lazy time out? We are ready to assist you to charge your batteries and win the body and soul balance back, and become fit again.

The term “wellness” means for many of us only a weekend in pleasant atmosphere, however it is much more than that. This expression means originally: “A sound mind in a sound body.” Point is the prevention, feeling physical and mental fit and preserving the well-balance.

Our Harmony Spa Wellness department, the spa pool and sauna world spreads on approx. 4 000 m2. Our colleague at the wellness counter helps you to choose the treatment which best suits your wishes and your condition. It can be a pampering wellness or beauty treatment, or even a medical treatment.

Trust us to fill you up with energy and leave with a bride smile on your face! !

Please have a look at the detailed information about our wellness and beauty facilities:


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