Zalakaros and the wonder of the nature...


Zalakaros, situated in the south western part of Hungary, only half an hour from Lake Balaton, is famous not just for its thermal water but its great wines and genuine wine cellars, for its pretty and tidy green parks, and for its more and more popular festivals. The spa town has a lot to offer!
The area is surrounded by pleasant vineyards and orchards, forests, fields, soft hills and fishponds. One can discover the various countryside on the many foot paths or bike tour routes to enjoy a proper active holiday, however ones who are seeking for peaceful and lazy relaxation can find their expectations as well here.

Why to travel to Zalakaros?

Walking along the cosy streets of Zalakaros one can feel the relaxing atmosphere everywhere. Quietude and tidiness mark the spa town, which has recently twice won the title of the most floral city in Hungary.
During our walk we can see friendly and hospitable people, we can pop into a wine cellar offering different flavorous wine sorts, or we can simply enjoy the peaceful countryside which lays in one of the in woods richest area of Hungary. In clear weather we can admire the beauty of the Lake Balaton or the National Park “Kis-Balaton” from the vineyards surrounding the spa town or from its look-out-tower. We will see the canna flowers all over the spa town. This red flower is the symbol of Zalakaros and embroiders the streets from spring to fall.
Believe it or not, a short walk in this relaxing atmosphere can do a lot for you. If you get tired, just hop on the city tour little train “Dotto”.

Treasure of Zalakaros: secret is in our water!

The medicinal and thermal water of the spa town is an alkali, hydrogen-carbonate water, rich in iodide and bromide ions and sulphur. Best results can be reached against locomotive disorders and arthritis like rheumatics but the water is very good for chronic gynaecological, digestive, respiratory problems, and serves well the aftercare of neurosurgery, surgery and orthopaedic operations.
The Zalakaros water has a beneficial effect for the general way of feeling and its preventive part is very important, too .

Programs of Zalakaros in every season

Nowadays Zalakaros has become a popular medical and wellness destination of the families, couples, recovery needs or from the city escaping people. 
The visitors are welcomed in the city bath “Granit” with its 25 pools, 5 000 m2 water surface, proper curing and thermal water. Due to recent developments it has more and more to offer for all generations. Beside the traditional medicinal water and the different adventure pools there is the brand new children’s world with in- and outdoor section to enjoy. The little ones can try more than 60 water attractions and a slide park.

During the whole year there are festivals in the spa town, open air concerts, wine and gastronomy programs entertain the fans of Zalakaros. Besides the festivals there are quieter possibilities, too, like the open air cinema which can give a unique experience.

Close to Lake Balaton and Heviz

Zalakaros is part of the Balaton region where much sightseeing awaits the visitors: The National Park of the “Kis-Balaton” with its odd bird world, the ruins of the Roman fort in Fenékpuszta, the Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta all worth a day out.
The largest lake in Europe just a few miles from Zalakaros has a lot to offer, like Keszthely with its beautiful Festetics Castle or the Africa Museum in Balatongyörök.
Heviz Thermal Lake as part of the UNESCO World Heritage is also only a half an hour away from Zalakaros. The even in winter warm lake is unique in the whole world.